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Wine bike for food service and hospitality

Hospitality and food service

Our hospitality and food service offerings provide new ways of delivering food and beverage mixed with entertainment. While inventory includes beverage bikes and carts to deliver food, we are ready to create custom solutions for your event.

Wine Bike

This wine or champagne server with a rotating propeller is capable of holding 50 glasses. It can also be used to deliver such fun treats as cotton candy or bags of popcorn. In addition to providing hospitality service its imposing height makes it visible from every corner of the event space. It is also a great backdrop for the ever popular Instagram moments. Trike driver can be costumed to fit most themes.

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artists using 10' tall tricycle, with two 5' tall wheels and one small unicycle drive wheel with 5 blade to serve wine
Aerial Bartending

This beverage service is often added to our Gantry Bike device. Harnessed artists suspended from above serve wine and deliver great photo moments for guests. In addition to our Gantry Bike we offer a host of other smaller devices that can also accomplish this task.

Aerialists in harnesses suspended from the Gantry bike truss ground supported aerial system serving wine to guests at a corporate event
Buffet Train  click for video

The complete train is comprised of one trike, two rolling tables and one stage wagon. While it is over 40′ long it can be driven through the event space. The train can also be parked and used as a focal design element. Although the wagons were initially designed for food service they have also delivered awards. They have also been used to showcase silent auction items. Generally this device is packaged with two to four acrobats but it is possible to hire without talent.

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The buffet train, rolling hospitality and food service  stage wagons displaying food on two wagons and including a stage wagon where two acrobats entertain guests
Mini Buffet

Comprised of one Trike and one buffet wagon this option is smaller, and can navigate tighter spaces than our Buffet Train. Because of its length it is a much better choice for smaller venues or events with limited space. The Buffet can be provided with or without circus talent.

Large tricycle bike pulling short hospitality and food service wagon  through event space

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