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Portable ground based aerial apparatus

Contraptions and other circus apparatus

These mechanical contraptions make Cirque Mechanics unique. Since our early days in the circus we have built devices that deliver content in new ways. Above all, these devices were initially conceived to solve common technical concerns or limitations of artists or venues. Almost 10 years ago we began to put these solutions to use in the event industry. More than ever we work closely with event partners to design new contraptions that solve common event industry concerns. As many event venues include water features or pools we have new offerings for this niche as well. To find out about our water devices and over pool solutions click here.

Gantry Bike  click for video

This pedal driven circus platform was initially designed for the festival world. Its large size and capacity to deliver aerial acts anyplace made it an instant hit. Because of this portability the Gantry can create truly memorable immersive experiences. If desired our team can work with event planners to arrange the event space so the Gantry can drive over seated guests. While it is designed to roam it is a great focal piece in any event space. The Cirque Mechanics team can build the Gantry to suit most any venue.

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Gantry truss structure contraptions are what we are known for. Here rolling truss with aerialists and acrobats
Carousel (Big Top Skeleton)

The Carousel was designed for our stage show “42ft – A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels”. The Carousel is a ground supported, free standing, revolving circus ring and aerial frame. It is a great solution for venues that don’t support overhead rigging. While it solves rigging concerns it is also a great focal element in any room or outdoor space and is generally provided with acrobatic talent.

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Another of our contraptions from 42ft. This is the carousel rotating trent frame and ground supported aerial device
Spin Cycle  click for video

This 7′ diameter platform is a roving stage. The Spin Cycle moves through event spaces with ease as artists pedal it slowly to create moving spectacles. The stage’s 36″ height puts talent head and shoulder above seated patrons. For this reason it is a great showcase for most any circus act or product. Furthermore the device is also a wonderful way to deliver your CEO or guest speaker to the stage.

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Favorite of our rolling contraptions, the Spin Cycle device displays Chinese pole acrobat and executives riding the device
Trike Rover  click for video

The Rover is a unique 6′ tall pedal driven trike. It can drive down 4’ wide aisles and navigate in the tightest of spaces. Its small platform supports atmosphere presentations such as contortion or hand balancing. Like the Spin Cycle it is also a great way to deliver a CEO or guest speaker to the stage. In addition, optional wheel covers provide great branding surfaces.

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Tall trike rover, one of our three wheeled contraptions shown with acrobats doing handstands and an MC riding on the front platform
Chariot  click for video

This trike provides a 10’ tall roving platform. While nimble and able to navigate small spaces its true benefit is the increased visibility for roving talent. In addition the upper platform provides additional branding opportunities. As with all of our contraptions the Chariot can be disassembled for shipping.

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Tallest of our trike contraptions. The chariot shown here with showgirl up on high as well as hula hoop artist and rhythmic gymnast in event settings
Trampoline Wall Running  click for video

This device combines a competition trampoline with a 16′ tall wall and platform. The “Wall” is a high energy acrobatic act, great for general sessions or as featured event entertainment. This act requires A 20′ x 20′ footprint . Alternatively, if space is an issue we can add the trampoline to our Gantry Bike for a more portable solution.

Our trampoline contraptions are great for General sessions. Here our Gantry trampoline and trampoline wall units with acrobats in flight
Russian Swing   click for video

This device was created for our touring show “42ft – A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels” . This is the most recent example of an apparatus that was designed for one of our theatrical shows. Now it is part of our event inventory. The swinging pedestal launches acrobats into the air which creates a display of daring, and high flying flips. The swing sets up in under 1 minute, and strikes in 30 seconds. In addition it can be used on the stage or on the floor in the center aisle. For these reasons it is a truly high flying, high energy solution and is perfect for General Sessions.

Of the contraptions from our stage show 42ft, the Russian swing is launching acrobats high into the air

Other Ground Based Rigging Solutions

Goal Post Rig

We provide an assortment of single goal post aerial rigging solutions. This device is easy to build and requires the least amount of truss. These devices provide great rigging support and are quite common inside ballrooms or event spaces where rigging costs are often prohibitively expensive.

4 Post Rig

This solution utilizes four upright truss legs which connect to an overhead rectangle of truss that can be erected over the stage. The benefit is that this system can be built on the floor and set up to straddle a stage, bars, buffets or seating areas. It can also be placed in the center of your event space so that it takes up very little real estate and can provide a focal element.

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