Ambient talent and circus acts for corporate events
Strolling talent as event entertainment flanking entranceway

What kind of ambient talent and acts can we provide?

We generally package circus acts with our devices. Alternatively, we can provide ambient talent and acts on their own. Let’s first take some time to explain the difference between acts and ambient talent.


Most people are familiar with this type of performance. Circus acts are usually featured on a stage and are performed and choreographed to specific music. Acts are of a set duration. These acts range in length but a typical act is between 4 and 6 minutes in length. Artists performing their act will generally be able to offer that act two to three times over the duration of the event.

Ambient talent

Most often, ambient talent is used to support the event theme but is not used as featured entertainment. Clients that are looking to have content that stretches for the duration of their events often opt for ambient talent. As these artists are not performing as featured acts they can stretch their material over much longer periods of time. A good example of ambient talent could be a strolling close up magician that entertains guests at their tables or aerialists that flank the entrance way to greet guests when the doors open. These artists are typically contracted hourly with a two hour minimum. For a complete breakdown of pricing visit our COST tab above or click here.

Below are a series of photos that represent a healthy sampling of the content we can provide.

Ground Acts
Ambient acts and talent here with LED BMX artist and tall unicycle

Ambient acts and talent here with sword swallower and fire artist
Ambient acts and talent here with Tall bike and Penny Farthing bicycle
Plate spinning act and Handstand duo
Ambient acts and talent here with bottle walker and rolling globe
Here are a snake lady and a vintage strong man
Ambient acts and talent here with a closeup magician and a vintage style circus clown

Ground Acts that FEEL like Aerial Acts
Ambient acts and talent here with a russian swing act and a trampoline acrobat
Ambient acts and talent here with a man doing a handstand on top of a stack of chairs and an acrobat balancing on top of two 16' tall platforms

Ambient acts and talent here with two female aerialists on a penny farthing bicycle and an aerialist inside a hoop

So what’s this stuff cost? click here to visit COST.