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Three Ways We Can Help Create Intimate Events Post-Covid

May 28, 2020

In the post Covid 19 world we in the event industry will be required to address a host of new issues. Event planners will need to be even more creative when coming up with ways to meet these challenges. Seating thousands of guests in a way that respects new guidelines (many that don’t even yet exist) will be one of these challenges when we try to create intimate events. As a result creating compelling events that retain some sort of intimacy will be even more difficult. Cirque Mechanics has the tools and devices now that can help meet this challenge. To decide the best approach there are series of elements to consider.

Changes to the event space

Lets first discuss what we know will be true of the event space itself. We will need to seat patrons further apart from each other. We will increase widths of aisles and walkways. Distances from seated patrons to the front of the room or stage will increase as the venue expands.

Large groups will require even larger venues. When this isn’t possible we may choose to reduce the audience size or break the session into smaller groups. While this is not desirable it might become necessary. Splitting our audience into separate groups adds a whole host of other challenges. Even if those challenges are met it doesn’t change the fact that we will need to spread out those that ARE in the room at any given time. In summary these things will contribute to reduce intimacy and audience interaction.

Three things Cirque Mechanics can do to help you meet these challenges

There are a number of solutions we can employ to assist. We have become recognized as a leader in the delivery of acrobatic content and hospitality that help create intimate events. Some devices allow for the portable presentation of acrobatic acts and artists. Others deliver food or serve alcohol in novel ways. More broadly our large scale devices allow for aerial performances where previously they weren’t possible. These same devices can now help us to create intimate engaging performance that can deliver to the far reaches of our new even larger event spaces. Here are some suggestions.

1. Layout the room to provide complete access to the Gantry Bike

The Gantry Bike is our most well known large scale apparatus. The Gantry was initially designed for outdoor festival use. While it can be used as a static ground supported aerial device it was designed to move. Although the Gantry itself uses custom wheels and platforms it is assembled using variable lengths of truss. This allows for the device to be built wide enough to straddle a 25′ column of seated patrons. With proper planning the room can be laid out with criss-crossing aisles. In this way the Gantry can deliver a front row feel to all guests.

2. Use our roving apparatus to bring the messenger TO the people

Lets face it watching keynote speeches from the back of the room is less than ideal. Video can help but there is nothing like live. To connect with guests, speakers and entertainers want to look their audiences in the eye. Our Chariot, Trike Rover and Spin Cycle make that possible.

Our Chariot bike, Trike Rover and Spin cycle help to create intimate events.

The Chariot at 10’ is our tallest. While it delivers the greatest visibility it also requires the rider to be comfortable at height. At 5′ from the floor the Trike Rover is also nimble and allows for the speaker to sit or stand on its platform. The Spin Cycle stage is 36″ from the floor and provides a larger surface for riders. Each of these devices can make a large room feel a bit smaller.

3. Use our rolling devices to assist with food service

Mingling of guests on the event floor may not be practical or advisable. It is likely there will be a host of guidelines concerning food service. To assist with this we would suggest our Buffet Train devices.

The Buffet Train a great tool to help create intimate events in ever larger event spaces

Rolling food wagons can bring the food closer to the patrons which will reduce overall foot traffic in the space. Reducing server trips through the space can only be a favorable outcome. In addition to assistance with food delivery our Buffet Train stages can also serve to entertain guests.

There are many challenges we will face as we return to live events, we don’t know how to solve all of them, but we know roving spectacle. That’s our thing. It is clear that intimacy and connectivity will be a challenge. We know how to entertain and believe that these devices can make a large space feel just a bit smaller.