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What A Year

September 23, 2013

We can’t believe it has been a year since our last blog entry!  This last year for us, since the introduction of the Gantry Bike at Buskerfest Toronto last summer, has been a blur and flurry of growth, changes, accomplishments and celebrations.

So here is an update to get you all up to speed on the happenings at Cirque Mechanics!

This was the year of venturing into new markets and introducing ourselves to different audiences. The Gantry Show is on a fair and festival tour, we’ve worked with many corporate clients, we premiered our Orchestra show and we continued to search for gold on stage with Boom Town at Knott’s Berry Farm.


The Gantry Show is now on the schedules of some of the largest and most popular fairs and festivals this season.  The cast has endured the heat, humidity and storms of summer with smiles and delivered high-energy shows.  The Gantry Show just wrapped their time at the  Washington State Fair, and head to the Tulsa State Fair next!

Charlotte's great view of the Washington State Fair


The Gantry Bike and our Spin Cycle have really taken off in the corporate arena since we were featured on Michael Cerbelli’s Hot List in January at The Special Event.  We’ve worked with great companies like Trimble and SanDisk, as well as some of the best event specialists in the business.  We  enjoy and embrace the production and creative challenges found in the corporate world.


The Orchestra Project proved to be a beautiful production worthy of the classics, from Mozart to Dukas, Vivaldi and Stauss, played during the performance.  For our initial engagement in this new and exciting market, we partnered with the Grand Rapids Symphony and delivered a spectacular show last spring.  The reviews called it “highly skilled and wholly original”.  Michael Picton composed original music just for the Orchestra projects, he talks about the experience in the most recent issue of “Spectacle Magazine”

Orchestra Show with Grand Rapids Symphony Spring 2013


Boom Town had fun this summer at Knotts Berry Farm, California. The amazing acrobatic feats by the cast, in their relentless search for gold, were welcomed with laughter, cheers and applause.  The western themed amusement park was an ideal venue for our dynamic gold rush adventure.

Boom Town's "Clem" prospecting at Knotts Berry Farm

The old adage is so true, time flies when you are having fun (and in our case working hard).  We are excited to the continued growth of our company and our audience this fall and beyond.

We have quite a few new and thrilling projects on the way…stay tuned.