Gantry Bike Makes A Splash at Buskerfest Toronto! - Cirque Mechanics

Gantry Bike Makes A Splash at Buskerfest Toronto!

August 31, 2012

Circus, Mustaches and lots of laughs…

We are back home from Scotiabank Buskerfest to benefit Epilepsy Toronto!

It was an amazing journey and a thrilling experience!  The Gantry Bike made a splash roaming the crowded festival streets.  We had a blast performing and interacting with the vibrant and generous audiences in Toronto!  Plus it was great fun working alongside the many dedicated and talented busker artists and festival staff, especially since it was all to benefit such a wonderful charity!

Our stick-on mustaches were a huge hit and could be seen on the upper lips of young and old throughout the festival.  Audiences felt part of the Cirque Mechanics family wearing their mustaches and free to become performers themselves and act silly with us!  We may just have to keep our real mustaches and make the give-away ones our signature!

The Gantry Bike showcased our amazing Cirque Mechanics artists, manipulation master and juggler Steve Ragatz, trapeze and hoop flyer Hannah Bobzien, Chinese pole performer Clint Bobzien and contortionist and aerialist, Sasha Pivaral.  Their enthusiasm and energy was contagious. But the Gantry Bike also served as a platform for guest artists, violinist Dr. Draw and performance artist Silver Elvis.  Our portable spin cycle featured fire artist Brant Matthews.  It was great to see the versatility of our portable machines in action!

We are excited to bring the Gantry Show to other wonderful outdoor events.  Keep in touch to find out where you can see us and join us in all the fun.

Photo credits:  Jona Stuart, Light Monkey Photography