Mustache Musings and the Mechanical Mind - Cirque Mechanics

Mustache Musings and the Mechanical Mind

August 5, 2012

The creative process is a journey with many twists and turns, embarked on with the promise of a unique outcome, a creation that will fill you with pride and satisfaction.

This most recent journey into the world of mechanical performance creations at Cirque Mechanics definitely has a twist, two actually, at each end of Chris’ handlebar mustache!  Much like the Gantry Bike that Chris recently designed and built, the stache he has grown, looks great, works like a charm and has filled him with much satisfaction and great pride.

But why the handlebar mustache?

The Gantry Bike was inspired by the machines created in the literary worlds of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, so in keeping with the Victorian/Wild West gentleman tradition of their era, Chris decided on the handlebar.  His fellow performers are growing them too! Plus the handlebar mustache resembles those of a bicycle (bicycle handlebars were the inspiration behind the name!), which is perfect given Chris’ long history with wheels!

He briefly considered building a mechanical one (would be easier for the nearly hairless, mechanically minded Chris) but the folks at TeamDroid, had beat him to it! Check out their creative journey:

Never afraid of a challenge Chris set out to grow his own, not mechanical, but maniacal stache! It is a modest handle bar mustache, not one to enter in the World Beard Championships but a respectable one, symbolic of his dedication to all projects, whether an 18’ tall machine or a 4” mustache!