Gantry Bike  click for video
This industrial pedal driven mobile circus platform was designed to bring the aerial and acrobatic theatrics to any large scale indoor or outdoor event.



Paddle Ship  click for video

A pedal driven floating platform, inspired by early paddle boats, the Paddle Ship, can make any pool, lake or pond the stage at your next event.



Spin Cycle  click for video

A roaming circus ring powered by unicyclists becomes a revolving stage for performers or special guests.  It can be pedaled around any event space (indoors or outdoors) to showcase a contortionist, a juggler, a VIP or CEO.




Trike Rover  click for video

The Rover can drive down 3’ wide aisles and navigate in the tightest of spaces. Its’ small platform allows for atmosphere presentations of contortion and hand balancing. Also great for delivering a CEO or guest speaker to the stage.




Chariot  click for video

A trike with 10’ tall platform. Nimble and able to navigate small spaces. The perfect way to deliver your CEO or guest speaker to the stage or take your roving talent to a new level.



Trampoline Wall Running  click for video

High energy acrobatic act, great for general sessions or as featured event entertainment.



Russian Swing

Featured in our touring show “42ft – A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels” this swinging pedestal is used to launch acrobats into the air creating a display of daring, and high flying flips.




Carousel (Big Top Skeleton)

This focal element is a free standing, revolving circus ring and aerial frame, a perfect element for unique center of the room presentations.